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SoCoWorld is an all-in-one platform for early childhood that helps preschools, teachers, caregivers and parents collectively drive learning outcomes and holistic growth through engagement.

    Capture & share child moments Manage classrooms

    Lesson plans & assessments 360degree child portfolios

    Manage curriculum

What we do

School Management

SoCoWorld digitizes each operation of your school - from application intake, tuition fees collection, attendance, daily diary to curriculum management and assessments. With pre-built SoCo templates, it’s as simple as a tap.

Parent Engagement

With SoCo, it is not just sharing photos or a diary. It is ‘meaningful engagement’ that helps parents live the moments of their child at school and contribute to the overall child’s learning and development. We help make super-parents! :)


At SoCoWorld, we truly believe innovation and technology can help nurture a child’s interests and abilities. So we listen, brainstorm and work hard to empower your visions to shape our future generations!

Center Management

Student Attendance

Check in students using app quick chekin-in & secure codes.

Staff Attendance

Check-in staff using app check-ins, biometric or RFID

Kiosk Mode

Lock the SoCo app to use as a self-service kiosk for secure attendance

Roster Management

Manage student rosters, enrolments and alumni

Program Enrollment

Manage after school programs, special programs, hobby classes, etc.


See real-time student to teacher ratios

Easy Billing

Invoice parents and accept payments

Manage discounts & subsidies

Itemized discounts and ad-hoc invoicing


Attendance reports, billing/sales reports, enrollment reports, etc.

Daily Digital Sheets

Digital diary

Automated daily diary with pre-built early childhood specific templates as a real-time feed and end-of-day summary email

Photos & videos

Capture moments, observations and add easily share with parents as albums or individualized ‘tagged’ moments

Food with menus

Pre-build menus and track eating


Record naps and quality of sleep


Track diaper changes, potty trials or accidents

Incident reports

Report & track mishaps, accidents and offenses with pre-built templates for diary or internal records

Request for supplies

Easily request parents for any additional supplies e.g. diapers, craft, etc.


Capture the mood of a child to include in the daily diary


Share the excitement of an achievement with parents easily

Curriculum, learning and assessments

Pre-loaded leading standards

Adopt leading Early Childhood frameworks including state and national standards such as NAEYC, Multiple Intelligence, EYFS, etc.

Custom curriculum frameworks

Create & manage your own curriculum and enable true digital learning execution

Detailed media-rich lesson plans

Create and share detailed activity level lesson plans with images, videos, attachments and more

Learning observations

Record student progress with text or voice, then share with parents, or only with staff

Insightful Auto-Assessments

As you record student observations, SoCo’s assessment engine auto-builds insightful reports based on various frameworks

Media rich assessments

Create your own custom assessment forms and record media-rich individualized assessments

Individualized lesson plans (IEPs)

Create individualized lesson plans driven by insightful observations, interests and milestones

Parent assessments

With SoCo, parents truly became part of the child’s learning and development

360degree portfolios

Auto-build holistic child portfolios

Parent Engagement

Child and family profiles

Your central place for parent and child information

Parent notes and messages

Communicate with parents effectively and easily

Meaningful moments

Share a delightful moments right to parent’s phone or on the web

Emergency alerts & announcements

Quickly send alerts and updates through SMS and mobile notifications

Document repository

Your central place for parent and child information


Create and manage holidays, events and sign-ups (parent conferences)

360degree Portfolios

Make parents part of a child’s learning in innovative and meaningful ways

By age milestones and activities

Pre-build, scientific research based milestone tracker and guidance for parents

Share with family

Allow parent-approved guardians and family for pick-up and moments share

Additional Offerings

Digital Marketing support

Social Media marketing, print-media and more

Infrastructure: Security

Biometric, RFID, CCTV, Fire safety alarms and more


Interactive boards, ePanels and content