A Platform Teachers, Administrators and Parents will Actually Love and Use

Staff members and parents fall in love with our platform without any training. That’s because it is designed with you in mind. We continuously listen to your feedback and evolve to give you the best experience as you help shape our future.

Think beyond just an ERP

With SoCoWorld, you get a community that is connected and collaborative and helps you manage your school and centers easily - generating more revenue, nurturing better outcomes and creating delighted parents.

Connect Your School

Connect Your School

Your whole school - Teachers, administrators, after school programs instructors and volunteers, and parents connected in real-time through SoCo Inbox, discussion boards, events and much more. All this on the device of your choice!

Manage your preschool or daycare and save time and money

By digitizing your day-to-day operations with SoCoWorld, you and your staff gets more time to focus on things that create the most impact. From managing check-in/ check-outs, sending messages to capturing a child’s activities… your day will feel like a breeze!

Check-in and check-outs for both students and staff

Check-in and Check-out students with one tap on your device. Track attendance, know the real-time headcount and maintain digital records. The status gets automatically synced with all your devices and with the school admins.

Automated daily diary with pre-built early childhood templates

Say good bye to paper and save time! As you capture moments and activities of a child during the day, SoCo builds the daily report automatically. Parents and the teachers can view the daily reports on their devices in real-time.
SoCo offers pre-built early childhood templates such as nap, potty, food, incidents, etc. that makes capturing diary entries a matter of tap and tap! The diary entries can be shared as a real-time feed with parents and as an end-of-day summary email.
Simple, beautiful and efficient.

Support Your District With a Global Network of Educators

Record Moments and Align to Milestones

Parents love to see their children in action. Engage them efficiently in their child’s learning too. With ‘SoCo Moments’ and our learning milestones, you can capture a child’s activity in real-time, tag it to a milestone and analyze performance and focus areas. With SoCo, parents not only will exactly know what their child did in school but will also be able to get actionable insights into how they can contribute more to their child’s learning.

Boost Districtwide Collaboration

Create Beautiful Newsletters, Messages and Information Pages

Create beautiful, content-rich newsletters and pages that are easily shareable on web and mobile apps. All this without ever using any other tool (like MS Word) or sending attachments.

Support Your District With a Global Network of Educators

Create Class or Campus Events, Manage Sign-ups and Delegate Tasks

SoCo offers strong event management capabilities that lets you create beautiful event invites, allow sign-ups with activity delegation and manage participation. Now managing campus wide events and conferences is a matter of a few clicks – and all this from one platform

Connect Your School

Real-Time Reports and Corporate/Campus Management Tools

SoCo Pulse offers reports and analytic tools that readily provide actionable insights into your campus, class and staff performance. From simple counts to ratios to recommendations.
Corporates and administrators, its time to breathe easy with SoCo Pulse!

Connect Your School

The Best Mobile and Web App.

Your campus, at your fingertips! Everything you need to stay connected, communicate effectively, collaborate and manage your school – in the palm of your hand.

Boost Districtwide Collaboration

Empower Your Brand with SoCo Digital Marketing

We at SoCoWorld understand the early childhood space and the fierce competition you face. We also understand that marketing may not be your forte, but at SoCoWorld, we take marketing to the heart - well, that’s what matters to keep the numbers moving! So, we have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts that will not only help you get enrollments and create a strong online brand but also help with proximity marketing by using the latest technology. So give us a shout-out and you’ll be on your way to better sleep at night!
Empower. Engage. Evolve.

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